"The Centsables" animated TV series, airing Saturday mornings on Fox Business, recently received a Parents Choice Award for educational value and contributing to the social, emotional growth and well-being of children.

Targeted to kids aged six to 12, the show features six super-hero friends who teach positive fiscal responsibility and behavior through their everyday adventures.

The Centsables fight villains like Credit-tor and Liquidator with powers over water and wind and super speed, defending the kids of Centsinnati. The TV series is also currently broadcast in Spanish on Telemundo PR.

The multi-media initiative is launching its newest component, Centsable lesson modules in teacher and parent versions, during Financial Literacy month. Each module includes two episodes, two correlating lesson plans, and downloads for all materials and certificates of completion.

“With today's kids spending more than $30 billion on purchases each year, financial literacy continues to be a priority,” stated Mark DiPippa, creator of the Centsables program. “Yet it goes largely unaddressed at schools, where the curriculum leaves no room, or at home, where parents feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing finance. These modules are designed to answer that need, providing all the materials for lessons with none of the work.”

The initiative also includes the Centsables website, providing more sources for real-life lessons, a mobile financial fitness tour, special events, Factivity books, a comic book series, and extensive merchandising.