CBIZ announced on Thursday that their nationwide offices have collected a total of 1,026,139 pounds of food during the company’s annual National Food Drive. This year marks the very first time CBIZ's donations crossed the 1 million-pound milestone. All of the donations will be given to food pantries within CBIZ communities throughout the country.

The National Food Drive began in 2009, with CBIZ professionals collecting and donating more than 4 million pounds of food to U.S. pantries since its inception.

The winners from each CBIZ firm size are listed below. Winners of each category will receive a corporate cash donation for a local food pantry of their choice, and employees will be rewarded with an extra half-day vacation. Second place finishers will also receive a corporate cash donation to a local food pantry and will be awarded breakfast or lunch for the entire office:

Large office category (56 or more employees):

1. CBIZ Phoenix: Collected a total of 90,103 pounds; 850.03 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ Cleveland: Collected a total of 63,083 pounds; 391.82 pounds per employee

Medium office category (21-55 employees):

1. CBIZ Tucson: Collected a total of 37,293 pounds; 1,035.92 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ M&S Consulting Services, Raleigh: Collected a total of 29,025 pounds; 1,000.86 pounds per employee

Small office category (1-20 employees):

1. CBIZ Sattler, Lewiston, ID: Collected a total of 12,852.95 pounds; 1,168.45 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ Oxnard: Collected a total of 14,711 pounds; 735.55 pounds per employee

For more info on the 2015 Drive, head to CBIZ'ssite here.