Full-service CPA firm Citrin Cooperman recently announced a new program for women taking a maternal leave from the workforce. The "Leaning Out" program will offer more women flexibility in the workforce by placing an emphasis on "off-ramping" - namely, keeping those taking a career break from raising or having children to still be involved with the firm by keeping them connected to its resources.

In doing so, they'll be keeping those leaving looped in with carte blanche access -- be it a few months or more than a decade.

"A lot of times women will need to take time off, and won’t be ready to come back for a few years,” Patricia Cummings, co-managing partner in Citrin's Manhattan office,told Crain'sNew York Business. “They won’t remain employees of the firm, but we will stay connected. We will provide them with technology; they’ll be able to attend our events, our outings, our holiday parties; we’ll be inviting them to all of our networking functions.”

With Leaning Out, the firm looks to provide laptops with access to the firm intranet and network; firm e-mail accounts intact; access to on-site and self-study training opportunities to continue professional education requirements; invites to networking events; and ongoing mentor/mentee relationship. 

Also notable, Citrin Cooperman will look to provide up to $3,500 in financial support to professionals adopting children given the cost of the process.

For more on Citrin Cooperman and the Leaning Out program, head to theirsite here.