Want to really know what an intern at a Big Four firm is thinking? Now you can, because one accounting elf is writing about it all online. With refreshingly little fear of repercussion, a blogger known as "Kel" shares her trials and tribulations of being an accounting student and interning on the blog, Accounting Elf.

In today's climate of "I'm-scared-to-write-anything-on-a-blog-because-a-future-employer-might-not-hire-me" Kel is an honest voice, offering a real inside perspective of what it feels like to be someone just starting out in their career. Though there's some pretty blunt opining, Kel is smart; personal information isn't easily accessible on the site and, from what I can tell, contact information isn't either.

Here's an excerpt from Accounting Elf's latest post:

"Found out today that I won't be getting a full-time job offer from the firm I've been interning at. They gave me some reasons . . . something about me being too awesome for the job I think? That sounds about right. The economy may have wormed its way into the conversation at one point."

Or here's a blurb from a previous post:

"Well, I'm about to enter my last week of this internship. It's been a fun ride, despite my days of doubt about whether accounting is a career I can handle. Today, I think I can handle it, but we'll see what I think during my next busy season when I'm working 'real' hours, haha. The best part of this job is definitely the people. Every senior and manager is different to work with, but they were all great. And the staff I worked with were always helpful and great to talk to. I feel like I never had a ton of friends among other accounting majors, so it's a nice surprise to me to suddenly be surrounded by people who are fun to be around and also understand what COGS and EBITDA is if it comes up in conversation."

To read more, go to www.accountingelf.com.