Baltimore CPA firm KatzAbosch has just had its Web site redesigned by the same team of designers who recently created a Web site for movie director David Lynch’s music company.

Don’t expect to see Dennis Hopper raving about “candy-colored clowns” in Blue Velvet, or Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper ordering a cup of Joe and a slice of cherry pie at the Twin Peaks diner, on the firm’s Web site. But KatzAbosch did get a boost from the creative team behind Lynch’s site, who work for a creative boutique design agency known as wndr.

In addition to the KatzAbosch and Lynch sites, wndr has also built sites for Matador Records and the singer Cat Power. KatzAbosch chose the design group, which was started by Baltimore native Zach Bruno, because of the edgy look of the sites it has designed.

“When I was looking for a local Web developer, I wanted to find someone who could bring a fresh perspective to the typical buttoned-up accounting firm Web site,” said KatzAbosch director of marketing Graham Dodge in a statement. He also liked the fact that they were a local Baltimore firm.

KatzAbosch prefers to be ahead of the curve. In 2005, KatzAbosch was the first U.S. accounting firm to establish a presence on the online virtual world Second Life, along with the Maryland Association of CPAs, on MACPA's CPA Island. 

Earlier this year, the firm created an episodic series of animations entitled “Gotta Love Tax Season,” written by Dodge. He used an online “text to movie” tool known as Xtranormal to create the animated skits. They were featured on the Huffington Post, among a group of tax-themed videos entitled “Tax Day 2011: A Random Collection Of Funny, Educational Or Just Plain Weird Videos.” The videos also won the award for Best Multimedia Campaign by the Association for Accounting Marketing.

The new KatzAbosch site launched this week and can be visited at There is also a mobile version for viewing on iPhones and other smartphones. In addition, wndr’s Web site for David Lynch recently launched and can be found at The site includes music from Angelo Badalamenti, who wrote the haunting music for several of Lynch’s most famous films and TV shows, along with images from some of Lynch's most memorable scenes. Peaks Freaks are sure to love it.