[IMGCAP(1)]Location: At -282 feet (-86 m), Death Valley is the lowest point in North America and can rise to sweltering temperature ranging from 100 to 120 degrees F. Common recommendations for travel through Death Valley: 1) Prepare for survival and 2) Watch for signs of trouble.

In my latest video, I discuss the parallel between survival and the potential for ‘implosion’ within the profession if practitioners continue to ignore the changes needed to improve practice management broadly.

While turning off the air conditioning in 120-degree weather was a major disruption to the RV team, it had to be faced in order to complete the tour and allow the team to spread the word of better practice management.

Just as significant change feels like it hinders firms because of the initial disruption, there are ways to prepare and work your way through—with everyone a survivor! What leadership and procedures have you added to help your team get through difficult situations?