[IMGCAP(1)]This summer, I jumped on the Sage RV, which was on the road for customer meetings as part of the accounting software provider’s Sage Listens tour. I rode along, with cameras in tow to capture my journey as a travel video blog (vlog).

My vlog is a hybrid of The Travel Channel and progressive practice management; reality show meets CPA. And yes, I'm just crazy enough to start a hip new trend of accounting-on-the-road vlogs!  After all, travel is all about adapting to new surroundings and surviving amidst change. Sound familiar? Aren't we all just trying to stay ahead of change, adapt, and ultimately survive? Why not have a little RV fun while working to master practice management and keep up with change?

Stay tuned for the practice management content of a lifetime and help me and fellow traveler Jennifer Warawa, Sage’s vice president of partner programs and channel sales, identify and solve for some of the professions biggest challenges.

Check out our first video below, and stay tuned for more dispatches from the road!