Deloitte is hosting its fourth annual “Maximum Impact: Deloitte’s Alternative Spring Break” recruitment and volunteerism program this week that connects high-potential undergraduate candidates and underserved youth.

Maximum Impact will offer 87 students from 42 colleges and universities the opportunity to learn about career and community-outreach opportunities at Deloitte through two programs.

In the first, Deloitte is working with United Way and 52 college students in Washington, D.C., to encourage college attendance and teach career preparation techniques to low-income students. Running from March 12-18, the service program will incorporate curriculum supplied by College Summit, Urban Alliance, Junior Achievement and CollegeTracks development programs.

On March 20-24, Teach for America will partner with Deloitte in mobilizing 35 students in Memphis, Tenn., to assist teachers in the classroom at an elementary through high school level and renovate area school facilities.

"Corporate culture is particularly important to today's undergraduates who want to be involved in their communities and look for an employer who shares their passion for service," said Diane Borhani, Deloitte's U.S. campus recruiting leader, in a statement. "We are giving our people and potential employees the chance to volunteer in a meaningful way, while supporting an issue that is strategically important to our business and our need for educated talent in the future. There are few better ways to experience first-hand Deloitte's culture of service and education commitment than Maximum Impact."

United States eight-time Winter Olympic medalist Apolo Anton Ohno kicked off the event in Washington, D.C. last Saturday with a message about the importance of tying community service to professional achievement.

"Undergraduate students are at a pivotal point in their lives, thinking about their professional futures and the impact they can make in the world," Ohno said. "No matter what career path they choose, or where their ambitions take them, they will have the power to share their career success in a way that can positively influence someone else's life and make a difference in their communities."

With 5,400 new campus hires planned at Deloitte this year alone, the firm also collaborates with Teach for America through a recruitment deferral program in which qualified undergraduate new hires can choose to work as a Teach for America employee before beginning their career with Deloitte.