EY recently announced that its internationally-focused Vantage Program, which sends professionals abroad to support entrepreneurs in emerging markets at no fee, is expanding its global reach for 2016. This year, the program will increase its support by working in new countries including Indonesia and Pakistan, along with new cities in South American countries.

There are currently 67 six-week placements in the program set for 2016, bringing with it more than 14,000 hours of service and more than $5 million in value. Since its launch in 2005, the Vantage Program has provided more than 60,000 hours of support to nearly 250 entrepreneurs across 30 countries.

Of the entrepreneurs helped by the Vantage program in 2015, 93% said the program was "effective in addressing key business challenges,” according to EY, with 94% saying it would have a “lasting effect” on their business.

“We are committed to growing the EY Vantage Program on a global scale because we believe high-impact entrepreneurs play an important role in building a better working world," said Nicky Major, EY global corporate responsibility leader, in a statement. "Not only do they contribute to the economic prosperity of their communities, but they also represent the next generation of global business leaders and innovators.”

EY collaborates with Endeavor, a not-for-profit organization that identifies and supports entrepreneurs in emerging economies, to match the Vantage advisors with a host company. Endeavor recently received the Henry R. Kravis Prize in Nonprofit Leadership for their mentorship of entrepreneurs.

“We know that high-impact entrepreneurs create more jobs than their peers," stated David Wachtel, Endeavor senior vice president of marketing, communications and partnerships. "The EY Vantage Program is a vital resource. To see the program scale so quickly in the last year is evidence of the commitment EY is making toward accelerating the growth of Endeavor entrepreneurs and the cause of high-impact entrepreneurship around the world.”

For more on the 2016 Vantage Program, head to EY's site here.