Accounting Principals has a new survey out with the outlook on the economy from financial professionals, and apparently next year is looking better than this one.

The finance and accounting staffing firm said that in the year ahead, the finance professionals surveyed expect positive improvements in their company’s performance and the overall economy. However, there’s a caveat: they believe additional regulations need to be implemented to ensure economic transparency and stability take place.

When asked for their outlook on their company’s business, 67 percent of the finance professionals polled said they believe their company will win new or incremental business next year. In addition, 60 percent think their company will expand to new markets, while 54 percent anticipate they will make more investments in developing new products. 

When asked about the economy overall, however, expectations for the future were vaguer. Sixty-four percent of the respondents expect the amount of mergers and acquisitions to increase or stay the same. However, 49 percent of them believe interest rates will increase and only 25 percent anticipate consumer lending will loosen.

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