The 39th Earth Day is here and Accounting Tomorrow wants to know, what is your firm doing to make its carbon footprint on the world less dense?

Need an example of what you can do? Sit back and imagine this scenario regarding something we all have to do in this profession – travel.

Picture this:
•    You arrive by public transportation (not so unusual, right? Just wait!)
•    The hotel reminds you to turn off the lights in your room to conserve energy.
•    Workshop materials are printed double-sided with soy-or vegetable-based inks.
•    As a name tag, you wear your own business card inserted in a reusable name tag holder, which is collected as you leave.
•    Coffee is served in reusable mugs embossed with the workshop name and sponsors.
•    Sugar and cream are served from a covered sugar bowl and a small chilled creamer.
•    Bite-sized breakfast snacks and fresh fruit are served on small reusable plates, and you are even asked to throw your discarded food items into a worm composting bin (!)

Sound crazy? Well, this workshop already took place in April 1992 in Montgomery County, Md. with approximately 50 state and local waste management specialists focusing on waste prevention. That was 17 years ago. Imagine how our meetings should be facilitated today!

To get your firm on beat with an eco-friendly message, check out the EPA’s Web site for some tips on turning the workplace green. And, in the meantime, if you want more information about what firms around the country are doing, read mystory, “Employee Energy Fuels Profession's ‘Green’ Initiatives." You can also check out a Q&A with Leisha John, Ernst & Young’s Director of Sustainability. 

Don’t forget to zip us an email at to tell us what amazing green habits you’ve been building to transform your firm into an earth-conscious work zone.