Tax prep chain H&R Block was forced to admit to goofing up the tax return of caped crusader Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) and needed to fix the error in a recent infographic.

Block had posted an amusing “Superhero Economics” infographic this month comparing Bruce Wayne’s taxes with that of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. The infographic arrived at the right time, publicity-wise, amid the release of the two summer blockbusters, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

However, Don’t Mess with Taxes blogger Karen Bell noticed that Block had messed up Batman’s tax return by first claiming that his $279 million charitable deduction had offset his entire adjusted gross income of $145 million when Bruce Wayne would only have been able to offset up to 50 percent of his AGI with the charitable deduction.

After Forbes columnist Janet Novack contacted Block and called their attention to the mistake, the company amended the return in a revised infographic, helping Batman avoid a confrontation with what may have been his greatest foe yet: an IRS auditor.