H&R Block rolls out 'Budget Challenge' game for 2016, offers $200K in college scholarships

According to a 2011 Charles Schwab study, some 86 percent of teens claimedthey want to learn money management in class before making a mistake in the real world. In response to this, H&R Block Budget Challenge will once again be rolling out sessions beginning Sept. 8 in high schools across the country.

"We are committed to helping teens learn before they earn and have fun increasing their financial fitness," said Kathy Collins, chief marketing officer of H&R Block, in a statement. "More than 250,000 students have participated in the H&R Block Budget Challenge to date. Their stories about the difference our financial education and scholarships have made for them make kicking off another school year even more exciting."

The Budget Challenge is a free, online game that properly teaches students on how to pay bills, manage expenses, invest in retirement and pay taxes as recent college graduates. Additionally, 10 students will win $20,000 college scholarships based on their results from completing the program.

The Budget Challenge is sponsored byH&R Block Dollars & Sense, which looks to increase teens' financial know-how by teaching financial skills and has helped more than 1 million teens become more real-world ready. 

For more on the H&R Budget Challenge, head to H&R'ssite here.


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