[IMGCAP(1)]Jan. 31 is coming … Let’s celebrate!

Does it really matter, though?

The stress of tax season begins sometime in December, in the anticipation of holidays and year-end. Then, on Jan. 2, we start with the W2’s. I find it interesting that the Internal Revenue Service “opens” tax season with excitement much like when a swimming pool opens for the summer or it’s opening day at Wrigley field.  I guess they feel the need to celebrate the anticipation of the new tax season -while the rest of us are already heads down in work. 

Other than that I can’t “push the button,” Jan. 31 really has no bearing on my work life. But because the IRS declares it to be such an important date, I feel the need for us as a profession to celebrate this day.  

So. On Jan. 31, let’s all call the IRS and congratulate them on opening day! Or, at the very least yell over to your co-worker and say “Hey, it’s IRS opening day!”

Do you think it will catch on?