Colleges and students trying to understand International Financial Reporting Standards now have access to free course materials and case studies through Deloitte's IFRS University Consortium.

Materials include a detailed introduction to the standards and provide an overview of differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP. They are divided into eight sessions contacting presentations and lecture notes. Topics include: financial statement preservation; inventory and income tax; business combinations; discontinued operations and foreign currency; intangibles and leases; property and asset impairment; provisions; pensions and share-based payments; financial instruments; and consolidation policy, joint ventures and associates.

Deloitte is working with department heads in hopes that they will add this information to their regular curriculum and get students acclimated now instead of having to develop the coursework themselves.

Participating schools gain access to Deloitte IFRS information resources, publications and training sessions—including support and guidance from Deloitte staff, along with whitepapers, podcasts and newsletters. They also can participate in periodic Webcasts to share leading practices in the classroom and help define the academic needs that need to be addressed by materials.

Roughly 150 colleges and universities joined the consortium since it launched last spring.

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