The Illinois CPA Society recently saw their 6th Annual CPA Day of Service on September 25, featuring more than 1,200 CPAs volunteering at more than 100 community and non-profit organizations across the state.

CPAs donned black "CPA Day of Service" t-shirts and donated their time to pack food, clean parks and recreation centers, renovate houses, care for animals and provide employment assistance. 

“Every day CPAs are positively impacting families and businesses throughout Illinois,” said Todd Shapiro, president/CEO of the Illinois CPA Society, in a press release. “However, CPA Day of Service is a unique opportunity. It’s a dedicated effort to work outside our normal sphere to enhance our communities through the causes that matter most to us.”

Many Illinois CPA Society members worked to renovate community homes for developmentally disabled, provide support and companionship for children with severe illnesses, sort and pack food at local and regional food pantries for malnourished families, give career advice to college students, and assist women suffering from domestic abuse. 

For more information about the CPA Day of Service, visit the Illinois CPA Society site here.