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Customer service and bothersome clients; SALT works-in-progress; time needed for Trump’s returns; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Tips and tricks

  • Liberty Tax (http://www.libertytax.com/tax-lounge): The IRS estimates that almost a third of Americans file in the first two weeks of April (most of them in your office…). Five pointers for filing near the wire.
  • Summing It Up (http://blog.freedmaxick.com/summing-it-up): What to remind them — yet again — about spotting tax scams.
  • Intuit Proconnect (https://proconnect.intuit.com/taxprocenter/): Client service is the cornerstone of business. But what are you supposed to do when the client is a royal pain in the you-know-what but you still want to maintain your good reputation in the community and online? Six tips for those waters.
  • Taxable Talk (http://www.taxabletalk.com/): This year’s Bozo Tax Tips continue with ignoring the FBAR and the dangers of procrastination.
  • Wolters Kluwer (http://news.cchgroup.com/): Big changes may loom for IRAs, including the required mandatory distribution age. Bipartisan legislation that would change IRA rules on contributions and distributions, known as the SECURE Act and RESA, has cleared both the Senate Finance and the House Ways and Means Committees. A look at the significant changes in this legislation.
  • Taxbuzz (https://www.taxbuzz.com/blog): Financial pros weigh in on the best tax planning strategies for 2019 and beyond in our post-tax reform world.

To shining sea

  • Bloomberg BNA (https://www.bna.com/news/#!topic=tax&type=blogpost&page=1): A SALT cap workaround involving entity-level taxation of pass-through entities is gaining in popularity as legislatures work to provide relief. Will this pass-through entity approach fare better than other attempts to fight the consequences of federal tax reform? A look at the states that have enacted or considered pass-through entity tax bills.
  • Taxjar (http://blog.taxjar.com/): April sales tax due dates, in order of state.
  • Avalara (https://www.avalara.com/us/en/blog.html): Louisiana enacted a remote sales tax law on June 12 but has never enforced it. Now the Louisiana Legislature is considering another bill that would require out-of-state sellers and marketplace facilitators to collect and remit Louisiana sales tax starting July 1.


  • Tax Vox (https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/taxvox): The tests of time now begin on requests for President’s Trump’s returns. Time and more time, maybe.
  • Federal Tax Crimes (http://federaltaxcrimes.blogspot.com/): A look at the recent GAO report, “Foreign Asset Reporting, Actions Needed to Enhance Compliance Efforts, Eliminate Overlapping Requirements, and Mitigate Burdens on U.S. Persons Abroad.”
  • TaxProf (http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/): Coordination among nations over the taxation of international transactions rests on a network of some 2,000 bilateral double tax treaties. That system is in upheaval in the face of globalization, technological advances, taxpayer abuse and shifting political tides. A look at a recent presentation on unravelling taxation of international transactions.
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