Pepcom’s EcoFocus mini trade show showcased a wide range of eco-friendly products, some of which could be handy in accounting firms and some probably not.

The event, which took place Thursday evening at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, featured a number of tech vendors, including HP, Lenovo and Toshiba showing off their power-saving notebooks, netbooks and desktop PCs. HP had an impressive-looking all-in-one desktop with a wide screen that had power-saving features, while Lenovo showed off a netbook with a swiveling screen that could also function as a touchscreen. On the software side, Iolo Technologies talked about its System Mechanic tools for tuning up Windows PCs so they don’t require as much power to run.

Meanwhile, there were some non-tech products on display as well. Phillips highlighted its energy-saving light bulbs, and Benjamin Moore and Dutch Boy had tables set up to show their environmentally friendly paint products.

One of the most unusual products came from a company called Greensender, which makes something it calls 3DBottles. They are reusable water bottles engraved with a name and image on the front and a graphical image on the back called a marker. The marker is described as a “gateway” to a three-dimensional hologram-like scene that will appear to play out on the palm of someone’s hand.

The bottle owner goes to Greensender’s Web site, logs in and exposes the marker on the side of the bottle to their web cam. When the web cam recognizes the marker, a three-dimensional drive-in movie scene will supposedly appear to spring out of the side of the bottle. Then a video, uploaded by the buyer during the order process, will begin to play on the movie screen in the user’s palm. A user can also type in text that will appear on the marquee featured in the 3D scene, including a name for the movie and the names of actors.

The bottle, anyway, is supposed to be eco-friendly. I guess if you can play a scene from Avatar on the palm of your hand, that would be eco-friendly as well.