The time and billing process often involves keeping tabs on phone calls, the amount of time spent on them, and with which clients.

One company that provides a system for call accounting is Trisys. The Florham Park, N.J.-based company’s product, TapIt! Call Accounting, is used by businesses to keep track of professionals’ time for billing purposes, and is one of the most widely deployed call accounting systems in North America.

Taking the process one step further, last week TriSys introduced a companion product, Replay SIP, which allows for call recording and replaying. Calls can be saved as WAV files, automatically archived, played back and paused, or deleted. It works with both Internet-based VoIP phone systems and the more traditional private branch exchange systems, or hybrids of the two. Together with the call accounting system, it can provide a way to keep track of exactly how much time was spent in calls from the office with a given client and with which staff members at the firm, along with what was discussed.

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