Logitech showed off its UE line of audio gear Wednesday night at a concert and technology showcase at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.

The company used to be known mostly for making computer mice and keyboards, but has been expanding its presence in the audio industry in recent years after buying Ultimate Ears for $34 million in 2008.

The company showed off its newest products Wednesday night, including the Logitech UE Boombox, a portable speaker that can connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and the Logitech UE Smart Radio, a device that can play your favorite Internet radio and music services, like Pandora, Spotify and Last.fm.

To go along with it, the company is also selling noise-canceling earphones and headphones, so you don’t disturb your office mates while you’re preparing tax returns or doing write-up for your clients. I tried out a couple of the headphones at the event, and they definitely sounded far better than the pair of earbuds that came with my iPhone.

To cap off the event, Logitech presented a tuneful pair of music acts performing for a surprisingly small, but definitely enthusiastic crowd. They included local singer Frances Cone and her band, followed by the Los Angeles band Milo Greene (not to be confused with Cee Lo Green). They got the crowd on their feet and ready to go home and download their music from iTunes.