Jay Nisberg, who consulted on Marcum LLP’s merger with Stonefield Josephson, sees it as part of a strategy by Marcum to create a national footprint.

“I think it’s an extraordinarily smart merger for everybody involved,” said Nisberg, who said he helped facilitate Marcum’s deal to merge with California-based Stonefield (see Marcum Merges in Stonefield). “I think Marcum has a specific plan focused on creating a national footprint. Marcum created an extraordinary vision that makes sense to a number of high-end, high-profile firms, and everybody is seeing this vision as a major step in creating a new international CPA firm. Stonefield also have offices in Hong Kong. I think the uniqueness of this is that firms are looking forward to conversations with Marcum as a result of the premium practices that have combined to create this national footprint.”

Nisberg noted that the two firms have also known each other for years as a result of them both being part of the Leading Edge Alliance of accounting firms.