Employees from Cranford, N.J.-based firm MSPC CPAs recently participated in a two-mile walk that raised nearly $1,500 for charity Autism Speaks.

The walk, held a few blocks from the firm’s office, was preceded by a breakfast for staff and their families.

The team was encouraged by captains Cathy Davis and Lisa Meierhofer, and the chance to win a firm-sponsored Amazon.com gift card, which went to the employee who raised the most money.

“I have no family connection to these spectrum disorders but I do have friends with adult male children who are profoundly autistic and it is simply heartbreaking to see how the disorder affects the entire family, not just the children,” Davis said in a statement.

The event helps fund global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for Autism, while raising public awareness.

MSPC recently turned its charitable focus to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.