In its continued efforts to recruit resellers of competing accounting and enterprise resource planning systems, NetSuite took the time to show up at Insights, Sage North America's reseller conference.

Attended by over 2,000 partners and product vendors, NetSuite saw the opportunity to connect with attendees via 2 vans driving around the convention center. The message on the side of the box trucks said quite simply, "Talk to NetSuite. Earn 100% Margin. We're here!", followed by a number that partners could text to speak with a NetSuite representative.

“There are lots of people we have already spoken to, and we’ve been really happy with the response," said NetSuite senior vice president of channel sales Craig West. "We generated 12 to 18 solid leads in a previous effort, and it looks like we'll probably do the same from here."

West noted that some calls and e-mails to resellers were placed in advance of the conference.

NetSuite engaged in similar tactics at Convergence, Microsoft’s recent user conference, as well as Sapphire, SAP’s user conference.