As a generational shift in the workforce continues to be a factor, job-makers can only use more research. A new white paper by Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking,The Great Generational Shift: The Emerging Post-Boomer Workforce presents the latest findings from their ongoing Generational Shift study.

The Generational Shiftpaper gauges the Western workforce this year thusly:


Pre-BB (pre-1946) - 1%
BB First Wave (1946-1954) - 13%
BB Second Wave (1955-1964) - 17%
Generation X (1965-1977) - 27%
Gen Y, First Wave Millennials (1978-1989) - 28%
Gen Z, Second Wave Millennials (1990-2000) - 14%
Post-Millennial (2000 - ) - 0%

However, only four years from now, the generation numbers shift significantly:


Pre-BB (pre-1946) - 0%
BB First Wave (1946-1954) - <6%
BB Second Wave (1955-1964) - 13%
Generation X (1965-1977) - 26%
Generation Y (1978-1989) - 27%
Generation Z (1990-2000) - 24%
Post-Millennial (2000 - ) - >4%

The paper points to the growing "youth bubble" across the globe, or those born 1990 or later. The paper found that the youth bubble in the workforce is "rising much faster than in recent years because employers are once again hiring new young workers after several years of formal and informal hiring freezes resulting from the economic crisis." Over the next five years, this huge import of young workers are thought to bring "radically different norms, values, attitudes, expectations, and behavior" to the workforce.

Other subjects covered include "The Myth of Job Security is Dead" and that a free-agent mindset is "now the prevailing workforce mindset."

To download the paper and for more information, head to RainmakerThinking'ssite here.