Ohio Wesleyan University launches new 'Accounting Fellows' program for real-world study


Ohio Wesleyan University announced this week that theirWoltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurshipis launching a new Accounting Fellows program, which will provide students with the chance to "link academic theory with real-world practice," per a statement.

Selected Fellows will participate in study trips funded by the Woltemade Center to both domestic and international locations that are significant in studying accounting. Fellows will also complete at least one accounting internship and research project, which consists either independent study or directed reading from an OWU professor and an outside accountant or finance professional approved by the Woltemade Center. Fellows will be asked to document their experiences to con theories covered in class.

“This program will provide opportunities for students to further develop their accounting, leadership, critical-thinking, and communication skills beyond the classroom,” stated Justin Breidenbach, assistant professor of accounting at OWU. “The accounting environment is constantly evolving and higher-order thinking skills are being demanded more than ever from graduates and accounting professionals.”

Fellows will also be required to complete an external development activity, such as an accounting competition, leadership program or conference. They'll also be required to sign up for student membership in both the Ohio Society of CPAs and the AICPA.

“I am excited to help guide the Accounting Fellows and join them in their experiences as they put theory into practice,” added Breidenbach. “I am excited to see students’ passion for accounting come alive as they interact with faculty mentors, network with professionals, engage in professional development and research activities, and travel as a group to better understand how accounting is utilized domestically and globally.”

The Fellows program will be open to sophomores who have declared a major or minor in accounting, successfully completed both ECON 110 “Principles of Economics” and ACCT 217 “Principles of Financial Accounting,” and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Breidenbach continued that the program will accept applications from both sophomores and juniors this year only. In 2018, the Woltemade Center will reevaluate the program to see it should be a permanent part of the University.

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