The Income Tax Schoolannounced today that theirFounder's Scholarships, a program designed to help future tax preparers develop and practice their tax skills through one of their certificate programs, is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 year.

A total of three scholarships worth $4,770 will be awarded, one for each of the three levels of the ITS Chartered Tax Certificate programs: Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC), and Chartered Tax Professional (CTP), to include Tax Business Start-up Guides. Recipients are selected in part on their financial need, as well as their essays that cover categories such as achievements and career objectives.

Beginning in 2014, The Income Tax School Founders Scholarships have enabled highly-motivated recipients with financial need to embark on new careers as tax preparers. The Income Tax School Founder's Scholarship program is in honor of company founder & CEO Chuck McCabe for his service to the tax preparation community.

Criteria to qualify for the scholarships, along with the online scholarship application are provided on the ITS websitehere. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply before the June 30, 2015 deadline. Scholarship winners will be notified and recipients will be announced onThe Income Tax School website.