Partners, staff and family members of Philadelphia-based Briggs, Bunting & Dougherty LLP traveled to Eastern Kentucky to volunteer in the area’s impoverished counties – a trip that was challenging, rewarding and humbling for those involved. More than 20 members of the BBD community journeyed last month to disadvantaged communities in Johnson, Magoffin and Martin Counties to work with the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), a large organization that serves the region.

While the firm had planned for an extended service opportunity for some time, the decision to travel the 10 hours from Philadelphia to Kentucky was made after ABC News aired the 20/20 special, “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains” in February.

“We have been very fortunate at BBD,” said managing partner Mike Boyle. “Our business continues to grow, despite the economic downturn. Because we have been so fortunate, it is our responsibility to reach out where help is needed, not just with monetary support but also with our hands and hearts.”

While in Kentucky, BBD’s group was divided into four teams that each served a different family in need. Projects included construction of wooden wheelchair ramps, as well as, extensive home renovations.

The groups also spent time visiting with their adopted families and learning more about the enormous challenges families face living in that area. All in all, the group worked approximately 650 hours throughout the week.