In conjunction with the United Nation’s International Women’s Day commemoration tomorrow, is saluting nine women at the forefront of financial regulation.

The biographies of these nine women, which include the stories of first woman SEC Commissioner Roberta Karmel and current SEC chairman and first woman to receive the permanent appointment as chairman, Mary Schapiro, are available on the virtual museum and archive website.

“The world of finance and financial regulation is often thought of as a man’s game,” said Carla Rosati, executive director of the SEC Historical Society, in a statement. “But few people are aware of the many talented women who have played an integral role in shaping financial regulation and their contributions to the industry. In the collections of, there are a wealth of information about these nine women and others whose unpublicized triumphs left a rich and indelible legacy.”

The nine profiled female pioneers are:

•    Mary L. Schapiro, 29th chairman of the SEC (since 2009) and the first woman to serve as the SEC’s permanent chairman

•    Roberta Karmel, first woman SEC commissioner (1977-1980)

•    Barbara Thomas Judge, SEC commissioner (1980-1983) and former chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority

•    Catherine Kinney, president and co-chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange (2002-2008)

•    Mary E. T. “Mickey” Beach, former assistant director of the SEC Division of Corporation Finance

•    Cynthia A. Glassman, economist and SEC commissioner (2002-2006)

•    Annette Nazareth, SEC Commissioner (since 2005) and director, SEC division of market regulation

•    Aulana Peters, SEC Commissioner (1984-1988) and retired global law firm partner

•    Laura Unger, SEC Commissioner (1995-2002)

View the entire gallery, titled In the Midst of Revolution: Whose Revolution Is It? Expanded Role for Women.