[IMGCAP(1)] I woke up Sunday morning and as I was reading my Twitter feed, I was angry and upset about an article on tax e-filing. Mostly, it was regarding a particular tax professional’s thoughts on e-filing.

The professional, because of the identity-theft issues happening with Turbo Tax, stated that taxpayers should think twice about e-filing.  


Get out of town. 

I'm really hoping the quote was taken out of context but even if this particular CPA’s quote is not the whole story I know there are many CPAs who believe exactly what he said.

It makes me want to puke!

And it makes me sad for our profession.

It is 2015. We live in a digital world. Security breaches are everywhere. from Target, to Sony, to Blue Cross, but that doesn't mean we stop using technology and go backwards.

Yes, we have to be smart and use well-respected and reputable vendors. I agree that we need to do diligence as we move to bring our customers’ data in the cloud. But we need to learn, embrace and celebrate technology - not hover and quiver and mistakenly believe we are more secure in a paper-driven world.

Because I have a hard truth for you to swallow – we’re not.

The next generation of customers and professionals have grown up and live comfortably with the cyber security threat.

It's not if, but when.   

It means that we need to adapt and learn how to react and deal proactively with the actual risk. Not all the fear mongering that too many CPA professionals are spreading.

Then, and only then, can we give our customers the best advice, service, and the ability to remain relevant in today's world. 

I guarantee that if you believe what this one professional said, you should just close your practice doors now and hide from the cyber fear mongering.

But not me. I'm ready for the fight. Are you?

Jody L. Padar, CPA, MST, is the CEO and Principal at New Vision CPA Group and author of The Radical CPA at theradicalcpa.com