[IMGCAP(1)]Only once in my professional adult life have I had my tax returns personally delivered – and it was an amazing experience. My tax advisor, let’s call him Roy, came to my office and walked me through everything. I had a couple of questions, which Roy was able to address immediately. I signed my returns and made out a few checks and I was done. He actually succeeded at making paying taxes a pleasurable experience!

I knew Roy had hundreds of larger and more significant clients than me, yet he found 20 minutes to meet with me face to face at his busiest time of year. That meant a lot to me. I received the VIP treatment, but Roy also received a few things in return.

Actually, I can count at least seven including:

1.    I would be less sensitive to fee increases in the future.
2.    I would be more likely to remain with Roy long-term.
3.    I would ignore his competitor’s advances.
4.    I would be more forgiving if a mistake was made.
5.    I would be more likely to consider additional services from Roy, such as wealth management.
6.    I’d be very open to referring my friends, family, and colleagues to Roy.
7.    I would be thrilled to serve as a reference for him.

This time of year, every minute is precious. Roy found that time and he retained me as a client, referral source, and more for many years even after I moved hundreds of miles away. The only question is would you spend 20 minutes to receive these types of benefits with your client relationships?