TaxTalent, the online career and development portal for tax professionals, has announced the results of its 2016 Top in Tax Survey. The Survey annually ranks the best U.S. Undergraduate, Graduate and Legal programs from the tax employers' perspective. The final results are based on responses from 155 current U.S. heads of tax of in-house corporate tax departments, surveyed throughout an eight-week period.

"Schools need to realize that their success as an institution and for their students is a direct result of how well they can align their programs with the needs and wants of tax employers," stated Tony Santiago, president of TaxTalent and TaxSearch. “Although the demand for tax professionals is high, schools that better prepare students for a real-world tax career stand the best chance for increasing employment numbers for graduates at top companies."

"We are investing heavily in promoting and educating prospective and committed tax students about the benefits of a career in tax," continued Santiago. "We offer free membership to our online career portal which connects students with one-of-a-kind resources including a tax career roadmap, scholarship and internship listings, tax career support through online mentoring and expert tax career coaches."

Some of the 2016 winners include: 

For the complete 2016 Top in Tax Survey, head to TaxTalent's site here