As previously reported, the majority of 99 accounting firms surveyed by ConvergenceCoaching have implemented work-from-home programs for their staff. Convergence has now released further insights, both positive and negative feedback, from those firms.

 Positive results included:

  • Better balance for team members – 92%
  • Improved employee morale and engagement – 75%
  • Retention of team members who would have otherwise left – 63 out of 92 firms - 68%
  • Made the firm more attractive to prospective employees — 59%
  • Improved efficiency – 34%
  • Allowed the firm to recruit employees from other geographies – 16%

Firms commented that the remote programs created everything from "[relieving] space constraints” to "[creating] more longevity in the younger generation.” One firm even attested, “Our turnover has been lower since we implemented this program eight years ago.”
Negative results included:

  • Made communications more difficult – 51%
  • Caused some work to become less efficient – 35%
  • Created some resentment from those who don’t believe the programs should be in place – 35%, and from those who don’t qualify to participate in the programs – 29%
  • Have caused areas where trust is missing to be highlighted – 28%
  • Have highlighted technology issues – 23%
  • Highlighted staff performance issues – 18%

A personal touch may provide more than we think, as the top complaint amongst firms was a lack of communication and quality. “Some of us feel disconnected by those who no longer come to this office on a daily basis. They may not be considered for work due to out of sight – out of mind,” a firm remarked.
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