Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite announced on Monday that it is the first to certify an application for electronic filing with the Indiana Department of Revenue, effective immediately. 90,000 Indiana S corporations will now be able to electronically file their 2014 annual business tax filings (IT-20S).

The electronic filing option was created in response to requests from Indiana tax practitioners, accountants, CPAs, and businesses. Previously, S corporations were required to file their annual business tax returns via paper.

“Providing e-file for the Indiana Form IT-20S represents a continuation of our pledge to remain on the forefront of technology and compliance, namely in our charge to support electronic filing in as many jurisdictions as possible,” stated Jordan Kleinsmith, product manager, tax workflow, Professional segment, with the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. “We hope this will assist our customers in further eliminating the costs associated with paper filing and the hassle it places on both them and their clients.”

This tax filing modernization is aimed at providing a more convenient and secure tax filing method, ensuring security, simplifying the filing process, and allowing better filing accuracy. 

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