The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters has debuted a new video interview series, Tax Talk, in which reporters talk with leaders in the world of tax and finance.

The initial installment features an interview with Pascal Saint-Amans from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Center for Tax Policy and Administration, commenting on the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting, or BEPS, initiative. “Across the world, countries are extremely supportive,” he told Reuters editor-at-large Axel Threlfall. “Emerging economies—China, Brazil, South Africa, India. The U.S. is supportive. The U.S. is currently discussing a tax policy reform. What for? To put an end to base erosion and profit shifting. The Europeans are extremely concerned with base erosion and profit shifting, so you have a convergence of views to put an end to double non-taxation,”

In an accompanying video, Joe Harpaz, global head of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, analyzes Saint-Amans’ comments and discusses the operational challenges for multinational corporations around the globe.

To watch the videos, click here.