[IMGCAP(1)]As a follow-up to my earlier post, I did get to meet Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, at Sage Summit. 

It was awesome. 

I even got my selfie.  

[IMGCAP(2)]What’s even cooler is I think he gave the best keynote ever.  He’s a regular kind of guy – a business owner, who at one point was a small business owner.  He’s had the same struggles I see my clients, and even myself, have in our everyday business lives. It just seemed appropriate that I share some of his thoughts that were captured via the Twitter feed.  After hearing his keynote, this fangirl is only more in love with Twitter and its founder! Check it out:

@jprobbins How cool is #SageSummit, tweeting while watching the founder of Twitter on stage... I'll take it...”

@Biz: People are fundamentally good. If you build tools that help them express that, they'll prove it to you every day. #SageSummit.”

@erin_m_thompson "My philosophy has always been people first, technology second" @biz #SageSummit.”

“Love! @tomhood I followed people, not money, orgs or institutions - @biz it really is about people! #SageSummit.”

@SustainableCFO Be open and transparent, even with problems. Allows people to engage with you, support you, and root 4 u @biz #SageSummit.”

@ATechcom. @biz talks the genesis of the famous Fail Whale, which has since inspired tattoos and dedicated conferences #SageSummit.”

@DougSleeter Twitter is like the Seinfeld of the internet. A website about nothing. @biz stone #SageSummit.”

“Tell that to CPAs! They just might! @tomhood Twitter is not useful, let’s ban ice cream too! @biz #funcanbeimportant #SageSummit.”

"What you need to make it through the tough times is emotional investment" ~ failure is like water off a duck's back @biz at #SageSummit.”

@erin_m_thompson Bright spot theory - when everything looks terrible, try to find one thing that's good. Great advice @biz #SageSummit.”

@jonathan_boston "Never present yourself as bulletproof, there's value in vulnerability" #quote -Biz Stone #SageSummit.”

“mark_redstrom Absolutely mesmerized by @biz keynote at #SageSummit. If you missed it, check it out at http://SageSummit.com .”

“+1«@jenniferwarawa Is anyone else a huge Biz Stone fan in the making? #SageSummit.”