KPMG and the National Association of Black Accountants announced that the University of Maryland won the 2014 KPMG/NABA case study competition.

During the two-day competition, 12 teams representing universities with NABA chapters across the United States, showcased critical thinking and presentation skills and four teams with the top scores continuing to the final round. The University of Wisconsin-Madison team was the runner-up.

"The KPMG/NABA Case Study Competition provides participants with an opportunity to develop and showcase skills that they'll use throughout their careers on a daily basis," stated Reggie Reed, a KPMG audit partner who served as one of the competition's judges. "Companies operate in an increasingly complex and global environment, so the ability to think critically, assess risk, and have a global perspective are important traits that organizations like KPMG are looking for in recruits."

Teams identified and analyzed issues associated with an MBA-level case study, giving recommendations that incorporated their knowledge of the current global marketplace, and considering cultural, economic and political factors that would impact a successful implementation.

"KPMG is an organization that's committed to diversity and inclusion and we're pleased to continue to collaborate with them on this competition," stated Kenneth E. Cooke, NABA chairman of the board. "The KPMG/NABA Case Study Competition gives our NABA chapter students a chance to take what they've learned on campus and apply it in a real-world, professional scenario—it's gratifying to see how they rise to the challenge."