Each year, nearly 5,000 students from 95 colleges and universities across the country learn more about high-level tax and accounting policy issues and compete for cash prizes inPwC’s Challengecompetition.This year, a team of four undergraduate students from University of Washington were announced as the 2014 Challenge Accounting Competition National Finals winner.

The PwC Accounting Challenge Case Competition is a competition for student problem-solvers who are passionate about pursuing a career in business.PwC provides each competing team with the same issue, inspired by relevant, real-life scenarios clients face on a daily basis in the real world. Teams are then asked to think of a solution for the problem in a brief, two week time-frame to be presented to a panel of judges on campus. This presentation is videotaped, and teams are given the option to submit their video to be considered for PwC’s National Finals.

PwC launched Challenge to increase students’ exposure to professional services and the world of public accounting.No longer within the confines of the classroom, PwC's competition exposes students to the real business world to show what they're made of as critical thinkers, able collaborators and persuasive advisors on important business issues.

For more information on the PwC Challenge, head to their sitehere.