[IMGCAP(1)]You might have noticed that Google launched a new suite of social media and productivity apps, collectively named Google+, last week. You can get the lowdown on the apps straight from Google here.

Why do you care?

Well, for many reasons, but most importantly for your practice or your career, because Google appears to give priority to Google+ profiles in search results.

I have been googling myself and two friends with longstanding online professional presences for the last two days. Our Google+ profiles have come up above our other social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) every time. In fact, my Google+ profile has come up above my website about half the time. Thus, if you want your name to appear close to the top of search results, you now must have a Google+ profile.

How to get a Google+ profile

1.      Join Google+. Click the information link in the first paragraph of this post and then click “Join.”

2.      Google has been doling out the invites at a glacial clip. If they ask you to wait, send me an email. I will share a hack with you that has worked so far.

3.      Read Google+’s brief and informative Privacy Guide here.

4.      Follow the instructions to set up your profile here.

Get your vanity Google+ URL ASAP

After you set up your profile, grab your vanity URL ASAP. If you’re a CPA, and always expect to earn your living as a CPA, I suggest using your name followed by CPA. If not, use your name.

Get on it now before someone else grabs your name and you have to be something like DonnaSvei318 for the rest of your career.

BTW, Google+ only lets you tie one vanity URL to your profile. I tried to get more…

Donna Svei, CPA, CFE is an executive search consultant and resume writer. Monster.com named her one of their “11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search.” Donna blogs at AvidCareerist.com. You will find her on GooglePlus at gplus.to/donnasvei and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnasvei . Donna can be reached at (208) 721-0131 or donnasvei@gmail.com.