Slideshow Our Favorite Apps

  • October 10 2013, 9:51am EDT

As a regular feature, we highlight apps that our editors and our readers find useful in their day-to-day work -- what follows is a sampling of some of our favorites.

If you’ve got one of your own that we should consider for our “App of the Week” feature, e-mail us at

<a href=>Jump Desktop</a>

Remote desktop app

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<a href=>Boxer </a> <P>

E-mail app

<a href=”>PDF Expert </a> <P>

PDF creation/editing tool

<a href=”>Timesheet </a> <P>

Time tracking app

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<a href=”>Cloud On </a> <P>

MS Office app

<a href=”>Super Note </a> <P>

Note-taker and reminder app

<a href=”>Air Display </a> <P>

Dual monitor app

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<a href=”>Digits Calculator </a> <P>

Calculator app

<a href=”>Chrometa 4.0</a> <P>

Phone time and e-mail capture

<a href=”>Scanner Pro </a> <P>

Scanning app