Slideshow Our Favorite Tax Tweeters

  • April 27 2014, 4:07pm EDT
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10 of the best

We’re not sure what makes the perfect Twitter feed, but when it comes to those we follow for professional reasons, we think one of the main qualifiers is putting out frequent tweets full of useful information – but we also don’t want to discount the value of a little personality, either!

We think these 10 tweeters, while not necessarily the ones with the most followers, represent some of the best of what’s available for tax pros in the Twitterverse.

(Follower figures are as of April 25.)

@KSTaxlady<P> Julie Dailey, EA<P> 2,035 followers

This is a great look at the everyday life of a preparer, with many of Dailey’s tweets starting stories that are then finished on her Facebook page.

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@NATPTax<P> NATP<P> 17k followers

The Twitter feed of the National Association of Tax Professionals offers a wide range of tax-related information, as well as offers and insights from the group itself.

@taxfoundation<P> Tax Foundation<P> 13.4 k followers

Besides calculating Tax Freedom Day every year, the Tax Foundation regularly tweets out fascinating tax-related info – particularly their maps that break down different tax issues by state.

@bruce_taxguy<P> Bruce’s Tax Tweet<P> 1,468 followers

Tax preparer and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Bruce McFarland shares information and articles, and the occasional tax-related aphorism. One of our favorites: “A fool and his money are soon parted. The rest of us wait until income tax time.”

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@TaxSchool<P> The Income Tax School<P> 753 followers

Training provider The Income Tax School shares news and great articles on how to make run your tax practice more efficiently.

@TaxAddict<P> Tracy Shannon Levey<P> 3,290 followers

Don’t have time to sort through all the tweets? Tax addict Tracy Shannon Levey, a cofounder of Parker Tax Publishing, is a great aggregator, bringing together the highlights of tax on the Web and in social media, so you don’t have to go looking for them.

@IRStaxpros<P> Internal Revenue Service<P> 26.1 k followers

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the IRS is the source for all things tax – and they’re surprisingly active on social media. This feed for tax professionals is a must-follow.

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@JennyIRS<P> Jennifer Jenkins<P> 1,021 followers

The IRS media contact for Ohio and both Eastern and Western Pennsylvania, Jenkins covers a lot of the same ground as @IRStaxpros, but with a lot more personality.

@NSATax<P> NSA Tax<P> 3,220 followers

The National Society of Accountants’ tax feed is a great resource for members and non-members alike.

@SoCalTaxProf<P> Paul Caron<P> 1,135 followers

Prof. Paul Caron’s feed is a great entrée to his Web-leading tax blog,