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  • November 17 2015, 1:40pm EST
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Accounting Dreams & Delusions

The accountant-client relationship is a love-hate kind of thing, fraught with common points of contention and frustration. CPA and consultant Kristen Rampe has sent many of these up in her book "Accounting Dreams & Delusions" -- a collection of situations that will be familiar to every accountant who's ever had to count to 10 in a client's office ...

We've picked some of our favorite thoughts from the book, with a focus on things you've never heard anyone say ...

1st World Scheduling Problems

"Do you mind if I give you everything a week early?" ... said no client ever.

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Attachment Disorder

"Oops, my bad. You did include the attachment in a previous e-mail." ... said no client ever.


"We agree with all those proposed adjustments. Thank you for helping keep us on the right track!" ... said no client ever.

Audit Accommodations

"I made sure the staff on your engagement are the same as last year, so we won't ask repetitive questions." ... said no accountant ever.

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Choice Staff

"Kevin is your new senior. He's one of our best!" ... well, firms may have said this from time to time.

Work-Death Integration

"Abe founded our Work-Life Integration initiative." ... may have been said, but it did not necessarily inspire confidence.

Opening the Book

You can order "Accounting Dreams & Delusions" from Amazon, or direct from Rampe herself. Volume discounts are available.