Slideshow The 'Tax Warrior' Creed

  • April 08 2016, 9:10am EDT
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Firms often look for something to differentiate themselves from the pack. It can range anywhere to being a tightknit, community-oriented business, to a specialization-heavy practice. For Philadelphia-area firm Drucker & Scaccetti, their distinctive element came in the form of a special identity: the "Tax Warrior."Working off a creed penned by writer and D&S client Reese Palley, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and D&S client Tony Auth created five original watercolors to coincide with the Tax Warrior code. The artwork is now prominently featured in the firm's main conference room (otherwise known as "The War Room).

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"When King Arthur of the Round Table sought to redress injustice, he sent out his Warrior Knights to do the job."

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"When the ancient Emperors of Japan were required to impose justice in their realm, they called upon their Samurai Warriors."

"In 1215, when the King of England wielded excessive power, the Warrior Barons imposed the Magna Carta upon him."

"With few avenues for justice, when the Jews of the Middle Ages needed a protector, they conjured up the Warrior Golem."

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"When God was in trouble, and the Devil was ascending, he summoned the Warrior Archangel, Michael, to do battle for the Lord.""During difficult times in human history, when the chips were down and reason did not prevail, the ultimate call for help by those in need was to the Warriors¬óbe they Knights, Samurais, Barons, Golems, or Archangels. It is the Warriors who stand between the governed and the unbridled power of the governors. So be seated and comforted, your protector and advocate is near. Welcome to the realm of the Tax Warriors."