The way you and I, and your clients, conduct life has changed. Clients’ needs are evolving and technology is moving at breakneck speed – especially here in the US.

The pace of change outside of the profession has been so great, that now smartphone distribution in the US is at 90%, and 55-64yr olds are spending 70+ hours per month using Apps on smartphone and tablets; with 35-54yr olds spending 180+ hours per month!

A key question for firms, of all sizes, across America has arisen: who owns the digital relationship with your client?

There are some enormous benefits to all the technology around us, and within the profession, but having the ability for your firm to be first in that digital relationship is vital – without that, you have no way to serve, control or benefit from today’s landscape.

This webinar is delivered by global executive and presenter – Daniel Richards. His experience and insight on this subject, from working with small firms through to international giants, is unique in the profession today.

Together, we will see 7 practical ways in which thousands of firms – just like yours – are already benefiting from this change; and doing so without pain or disruption.

When you attend, you’ll discover:

· The outcomes those firms are experiencing, and the feedback from their clients.
· You’ll hear how this technology is saving both firm and client time and money and how they love using it.
· You’ll understand the market context of all this, the evidence both within and surrounding the profession, and the choice you can comfortably take.
· You’ll see the tool and client communication capability that has Geni Whitehouse so excited – both as a thought leader to the profession and in her role in BDCO CPA who already use the MyFirmsApp platform.
· You’ll see the ROI opportunity for your firm too, and how your own custom App will not just benefit you and your current clients, but also help you win new fees and referrals.

Plus discover why it’s been voted as best new online App in the US.

Key Speakers

Daniel Richards
Head of Global Sales MyFirmsApp