Without expert guidance, families with domestic workers (i.e. nannies, senior caregivers, personal assistants, housekeepers, etc.) will likely make a number of expensive, time-consuming mistakes. Employment tax filings are half of the compliance puzzle. The other half – and where much of the risk is – falls within the labor law and insurance aspects of household employment, which are quite different from those in the commercial employment world.

Tom Breedlove, Director of Care.com HomePay, the country’s leading household employment specialist, will share information that advisors need to know in order to steer their clients safely through these potentially turbulent waters.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key payroll, tax, labor law and insurance compliance issues
  • Identify opportunities to help clients mitigate risk and save money
  • Gain access to free tools and resources that can add value to your practice

Key Speakers

Tom Breedlove
Sr. Director, Care.com HomePaySM
Roger Russell
Senior Editor Accounting Today