Emerging state legislation: Top HR issues impacting your clients

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States and local jurisdictions are continuing to advance employment-related laws and regulations intended to protect workers. To ensure your business clients remain informed, this webinar features an HR expert and a panel of CPAs to highlight top legislation trends with state and local governments and how it has affected their client relationships.

Learning Objectives:
• Highlight top items gaining traction at state and local level including leave laws and harassment policies
• Review common HR pitfalls and ways to help clients mitigate their risk of noncompliance
• Gain insight from experienced CPAs on how they manage client HR challenges and add value through advisory services

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Key Speakers
  • Jim Trippon
    Jim Trippon
    President & CEO, CPA
  • Meredith L. Anderson
    Meredith L. Anderson
    CPA, MST, Partner, Coval Anderson Coval LLC.
  • Jessica Battaglia
    Jessica Battaglia
    HR Consultant, Paychex
  • dan-hood.gif
    Daniel Hood
    Daniel Hood, Editor-in-chief, Accounting Today and Tax Pro Today