Client fees provided by client accounting services have more than doubled in recent years, according to the AIPCA. That’s because cloud accounting technology has transformed client accounting services into a major growth driver. In this webinar, you’ll find out how you can efficiently scale this profitable service line.

In 2017, Receipt Bank, in partnership with Boomer Consulting, examined how regional and national firms approach client accounting services. The report covered everything from deploying new technology and adapting workflows to monitoring updated key performance indicators (KPIs) to maximize value and profits.

In this webinar Damien Greathead, of Receipt Bank, and Gina Scott of Gina Scott & Associates, will break down the key findings of the Boomer Advantage Guide, Maximizing Value (and profits) in Client Accounting Services.

Firms of all sizes now have the opportunity to reap the benefits of monthly recurring revenue. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn how you can do it too.

Learning Objectives:

· Awareness of trends driving growth in client accounting services.

· How to implement workflows that maximize the benefits of the cloud

· The key metrics to measure and manage success

· Best practices from the top 100 firms

All attendees will receive the Boomer Advantage Guide: Maximizing Value (and profits) in Client Accounting Services.

Key Speakers

Damien Greathead
Vice President of Business Development, Receipt Bank
Daniel Hood
Moderator Editor in Chief, Accounting Today
Gina Scott
CEO Gina Scott & Associates