The convergence of audit methodology & technology

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The acceleration of new technology has put your audit practice at a crossroads. Do you maintain status quo, or transform your audit practice to thrive in the ever changing regulatory and advancing technological environment?

Join Pete Bieghler, Senior Consultant, Tax Products – Learning at Thomson Reuters and Rachel Godwin, Shareholder at Hartmann, Blackmon, & Kilgore as they discuss how to apply technology in your audit methodology and workflow. You'll earn 1 CPE credit* for participating in the live webcast. CPE is not provided for watching the webcast recording.

This session is designed to provide an overview of how audit methodology is enhanced through progressive technologies. We'll share real-life stories about how you can move your audit practice from time-compressed compliance activity to high-value client service focus.

After completion of this webcast, you should be able to:

  • Identify ways to enhance your audit effectiveness and improve overall efficiency
  • Understand how technology helps you link your risk assessment to your audit programs effectively
  • Identify areas to apply data analytics in the audit process
  • Execute on tips for how to get started with executing change in your practice

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