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Accountant Wins Miss USA Pageant

June 18, 2013

We secretly knew all along that accounting was a glamorous profession, but now we have proof.

On Sunday, Erin Brady, an accountant, won the Miss USA pageant. Brady came to the pageant as Miss Connecticut and left as Miss USA. And she may become Miss Universe next. The 25-year-old works for Prudential Financial and majors in finance at Central Connecticut State University, but she’s also an accountant, according to the Associated Press.

She won the competition after answering a question about the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding the right of police departments to collect DNA swabs from people who have been arrested for crimes.

She also probably could have told the pageant judges something about the depreciation of fixed assets, if only they had asked.


Nice to see a number cruncher that is smart and beautiful get some recognition. What a contrast with the air head from Utah that couldn't put three words together to make a simple sentence.

Posted by: Spenardman | June 20, 2013 2:12 PM

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I think it is wonderful that a young lady that is educated and very intelligent won based not just on her beauty but also on her brains!!

Posted by: jpoe | June 19, 2013 7:38 AM

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I am not a bookkeeper or accountant, "merely" a Tax Consultant way out here in the best-regulated tax preparer state in the Union! I appreciate your sending the many mails to me. Many are not relevant, but those which are will be sent on to another 605 Oregon Tax Consultants/EAs, all of whom also get it for the same cost-FREE! Thanks from all of us, keeping us in the information world.

Posted by: AliceM | June 18, 2013 3:51 PM

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