10 Celebrity Almost-CPAs

For these ten entertainers, almost doesn't count.

Mick Jagger Mick Jagger

Before crooning “Paint it Black” as lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger was preparing to keep clients in the black, reportedly studying accounting and finance at the London School of Economics for a year before leaving to fully commit to his musical side project.
(Photo by Dina Regine)

Bob Newhart Bob Newhart

After his service in the Korean War and a brief stint in law school, comedy legend Bob Newhart got a job as an accountant for manufacturer United States Gypsum. According to his memoir, he didn’t last long because of his “that’s close enough” attitude, leading to one more stopover as an advertising copywriter before his big break. (Photo by Alan Light)

Robert Plant Robert Plant

Robert Plant didn’t have a whole lotta love for the finance profession, training for two weeks as a chartered accountant before rambling on to his full-time career as rock ‘n roll golden god.
(Photo by Dina Regine)

Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard

English comedian and actor Eddie Izzard already had the comic itch when studying accountancy at the University of Sheffield, following in the footsteps of his father, former president of the Institute of Internal Auditors and chief auditor of BP. He soon scratched it, and school, to become a performer on the street and later on the stage and screen.
(Photo by Nickjwebb)

John Grisham John Grisham

Author John Grisham’s best-selling "The Firm" could have detailed a CPA one, had he followed his BS degree in accounting from Mississippi State University into the profession. Instead, reportedly put off by “the complexity and lunacy” of becoming a tax lawyer, he pursued the trial law that would become the foundation of his novels. (Photo by Scott Brenner)

Chuck Liddell Chuck Liddell

Retired mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell graduated with a B.A. in business/accounting from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, but UFC must’ve had more allure than CPA, as the Hall-of-Famer was later designated Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion.
(Photo from www.marines.mil)

Janet Jackson Janet Jackson

Instead of heading up the Rhythm Nation, singer Janet Jackson might have been recruited to the CPA one, once studying to be an accountant.
(Photo by Andy Liang)

Kenny G Kenny G

Saxophonist Kenny G graduated magna cum laude with an accounting degree from the University of Washington, but the smooth jazz man quickly made a smooth transition to his passion as musical artist.
(Photo by Micah Sittig)

Cris Carter Cris Carter

Hall of Fame NFL receiver and ESPN analyst Cris Carter might have been counting down to more than Monday Night Football had he pursued a passion he recently revealed to the Star Tribune. “I always loved math in high school and I thought that I would be an accountant,” he told the Minnesota paper. “But I also thought I would be better at counting money in the NFL."
(Photo from MN National Guard)

Gibby Haynes Gibby Haynes

Musician Gibby Haynes not only studied accounting at Trinity University, he was named Accounting Student of the Year before working as an auditor at accounting firm Peat Marwick. No word on whether his former colleagues attended the shows of the band he later formed and left the profession to front, the Butthole Surfers, but we’re pretty sure they would have at least nominated him as Accountant of the Month.
(Photo from Latino Bugger Veil)

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