The Income Tax School Inc. has introduced the All-States Individual Income Tax Guide, aimed at students of the company’s ITS Comprehensive Federal Income Tax Course in individual Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Preparation.

“Students will now be provided with an All-States Tax Guide to help them not only prepare and learn individual tax preparation for their state, but also for any other state that has an income tax,” said Charles McCabe, chief executive of the school. “All comparable courses that I am aware of, other than California and Oregon qualifying courses, address only federal tax return preparation.”

“This guide provides a summary of the key differences from federal for every state with an income tax,” said Sheila Clark, director of The Income Tax School. “It also provides links to each state’s complete income tax instructions, to make it easier for our students to prepare optional state returns for the federal tax return problems in our course.”

The All-States Guide is being provided online to all current and future students of the ITS Comprehensive Tax Course at no additional charge. It includes all of the 44 states with an income tax, other than Oregon and California. It also includes New York City and the District of Columbia. Oregon and California are covered in separate courses to meet tax preparer licensing requirements in those two states.

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